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Here is a list of photos after Kenny Rogers Surgery. Kenny admits to having under gone cosmetic surgery procedures that produced less than desirable results (see Kenny before surgery). One surgery he has continuously commented on is his botched eye surgery. He went in to get some lines removed from around his eyes and the skin ended up being pulled too tight (you can see the results below). Now his eyes have lost their natural warm look and isn’t very happy with how they turned out. The music legend has admited to having plastic surgery throughout his career, but could be having second thoughts about doing anything else after this last one. Kenny says this about his eyes, “If we can fix that, then I’ll be glad I did it. If we can’t fix it, I’ll regret it or get used to it.” He also told People magazine: “At my age now, I would never do that again because I have two young kids and there’s a danger with any surgery.” It sounds like this last Kenny Rogers surgery will probalby be his last. Let’s hope he keeps true to his word and stays away from the knife.

Kenny Rogers Surgery – After

Personal Message from us to Kenny: You have tons of money, right? Take a small portion of that. Hire some programmers. Create a filter on the web that replaces any new pictures of you with old ones. It would be well worth it and you won’t regret it.

Too bad we lost the old Kenny. Hopefully we can remember him as The Gambler instead of what we see now. Remember him in Six Pack? That used to be my favorite movie as a kid! If you miss him like we do, you can feel nostalgic and view these images before Kenny Rogers surgery.

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3 Responses to “Kenny Rogers Surgery Photos”

  1. Sue Bandy says:

    I just went to see Kenny Rogers in Eagle Pass ! I think way to many people comment on what he looks like NOW as opposed to yesterday- give him a break he’s 73 years old- he’s been a wonderful entertainer for over 50 years! He’s a GOOD person & genuinely cares about people! Who cares if his eyes’ look different! I don’t, it’s his music I & it’s what’s on the INSIDE that REALLY matters!

  2. Dawn Wright says:

    The man is a legend!!! He has given so much pleasure to the music industry.
    No matter what he sings or who he sings with , he is no 1 in my eyes.
    I don’t care that plastic surgery has made his features look different ,,he is Kenny Rogers and always will be the entertainer we know and love, and will continue to do so , as long as his music is out there I will be enjoying it as my children do and their children also …. -:)

  3. Evangelina says:

    I won’t comment on how different his eyes look, but I do feel my heart ache with him, I too had my eyes blotched by a Beverly Hills Surgeon (R.R.) who I went to for a chin reconstruction, NOT eye surgery – This surgeon took it upon himself to perform an unauthorized eye surgery on me, removed too much skin and my eyes went from my best feature to what I hate the most in me. I feel pain for Kenny because he must feel sick to his stomach each time he looks in the mirror, after all, eyes are a focal point in ones face, when you like someone the first attraction is the eyes! My life changed forever and not for the best, I live in recluse since my once beautiful eyes were botched.

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