Kenny Rogers Before Surgery

Here we have a collection of photos throughtout the years of our beloved Kenny Rogers before surgery. What a rugged, warm, approachable, handsome man you were before surgery! If you saw this man walking up to you in a dark alley, I bet you wouldn’t even flinch. You might even have a sudden urge to hug him. He is your prototypical All-American southern gentleman who’d charm everyone the second he walked into a room with just a smile. His face just oozes warmth and was one of the main reasons he remained such a beloved figure in the music scene. Of coure he is an extremely talented musician and has a great voice, but you can’t help but smile and feel an affiliation with a guy as friendly-looking as the old Kenny. Kenny Rogers before surgery was more than just a musician, he was our friend.

Kenny Rogers Before Surgery

Awe Kenny, how we loved you back then. I grew up with Kenny playing in our house. His greatest hits album was constantly spinning on our record player and I remember running around with The Gambler blasting in the background. Yelling the lyrics at the top of my lungs. I can still hear it… “On a warm summer evening, on a train bound for nowhere…”. I loved that you chose not use artwork on your album covers. Your face was enough to sell millions of copies of albums around the world. I choose to remember him as he looked back in the 70’s; as the Gambler. He had it made: singing duets with all the hottest stars, huge house, rugged good looks, tons of money, hit albums… Actually, come to think of it, he still has it made, HAHA.

Kenny Rogers before surgery is a hit, but Kenny Rogers after plastic surgery is a completely different story.

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  1. Linda Ash says:

    I always thought the Before Kenny was the most handsome man that I had ever seen. I always told eveyone that Kenny Rogers got my vote for Most Handsome man in the world. They’d say Tom Sellick and I’d say Kenny Rogers. Now I say neither. Now I can’t think of anyone. Now the cutest is our past President George Bush. Oh well. Kenny just blew it for me.

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