Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery = Fail

Kenny and Dolly Before

Kenny & Dolly Before

Kenny and Dolly After

Kenny & Dolly After

Kenny Rogers Before

Kenny Rogers Before

Kenny Rogers After

Kenny Rogers After Kenny Rogers plastic surgery has gone on for decades and has had some unfortunate consequences. You remember Kenny Rogers. The lovable, hugable, singer who made us all smile with his catchy tunes and awe shucks demeanor. Well, sorry to say it, but that Kenny is pretty much gone. Kenny’s latest surgery was to remove some wrinkles around his eyes. The result pulled the skin too tight and he ended up looking unnatural. This bothers the popular singer as he tells a good many reporters he is not happy with the way it turned out. He feels his eyes have lost their natural warm look. He is now enlisting the help of a team of plastic surgeons to undo the work that has been done.

d√©couvrez cette info ici As far as celebrities getting cosmetic procedures done, Kenny Rogers plastic surgery was nowhere near unique. Many celebrities go under the knife to maintain a youthful appearance. Some are successful, some are not. Kenny¬†married a woman that was more than 20 years his junior and attribues it to being the reason for getting the surgery. While perhaps not the best reason for going under the knife, he didn’t want to look out of place next to his new youthful wife.

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Before Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery

Early in his career, Kenny was often times teased about his weight. While he has never been what you would call fat, he has been heavy and had trouble keeping the weight off. After a lot of hard work, he managed to get his weight under control, but couldn’t do anything about the aging process. Old age finally caught up with him and there was little he could do about it. For Kenny, plastic surgery seemed to be the only answer.

In the end, the country music singer might have a happy ending to his plastic surgery woes after all. Now, more than a decade later, his skin is returning to a more natural, youthful look. Years after have a peek at these guys Kenny Rogers plastic surgery, he is finally starting to look more his age as his body heals from what was done.

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5 Responses to “Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery = Fail”

  1. Ivey says:

    I will alwys love him! No matter what he is by far the best country singer ever. <3

  2. Mike McCarthy says:

    You are one of the best of the best, Kenny. No matter what you do.

  3. Sue Ralston says:

    I am 61 and at the end of August will have an eyelift surgery. I am mainly doing it because it has caused me to have dimming vision. But I want to also hopefully look good. I have always loved you and your rugged handsome looks! I miss you eyes the way they were. You are still the best!

  4. Linda Ash says:

    Yes Kenny is the best musician of all time. But the surgery ruined his handsome good looks. I’ll always love his music and would rather not remember him with the new version . I’ll just close my eyes and see the before surgery of Kenny and listen and envision him that way.

  5. migdalia marquez says:

    I have been looking at u T.V. as long as I can remember and listening to your music. GOD BLESS U…. U look great no matter what people say as long that u r happy. U have a B – FUL wife and kids that is what count. I am puertorican all friends say to me u like country music say to them I love it even dolly p. What iam trying to say is u don’t have to be …… to love country music…hah.. I seen u one time in my life in person u saw me but maybe when looked at me…. I said to girlfriend… I think his think that iam white girl. I still have the ticket when I went to see u in a concert. In F.L. LOVE U TAKE CARE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK……

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